Here is a handful of 5×7″ recipes I’ve done over the years!

Nana pancakes (2016) This was a recipe I painted for myself of my Nana’s amazing pancakes. It’s still one of my favorite color palettes and layouts to date.

Puff Pancake (Commission 2018) – This was commissioned as a Valentine’s present from a wife to her husband of his signature breakfast special!

Sweet Potato Chili (2019) This sweet potato chili is actually a recipe I invented and painted as a party favor one time. It is my family’s go-to meal for cold autumn nights. Packed with tons of veggies and the perfect combinations of spices.

Mimi’s Red Velvet Cake (Commission 2019) I’m absolutely in love with the way the red and turquoise pops in this commission!

Set of four Nana’s Recipes (Commission 2020) These four were painted as a commissioned set. Click the image for the full post and in-progress shots!

Recipe Illustrations

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