Creating visuals to accompany text is at the heart of illustration. I love when multiple mediums come together to give an impression. When words of a quote are paired with a scene it can create even more resonance and impact.

This project was painted for my best friend, a soon-to-be counselor, for her future office. It was so fun to pick the colors for this piece that not only captured the scene but also fit with her style and office palette.

The granulation in the sky is my favorite. It’s a combination of Vivianite and Azurite, both Poems About You handmade mineral watercolors, with the addition of Maya blue by Ruby Mountain Paint Co.

The finished piece was matted which gives some weight to the white space.

Illustration on White, 5×7″ (paper size left at 8×10″)
White mat add on
Paper: Arches Cold Press
Paint: Winsor & Newton professional, Poems About You mineral, Ruby Mountain Paint Co.

Here is a handful of 5×7″ recipes I’ve done over the years!

Nana pancakes (2016) This was a recipe I painted for myself of my Nana’s amazing pancakes. It’s still one of my favorite color palettes and layouts to date.

Puff Pancake (Commission 2018) – This was commissioned as a Valentine’s present from a wife to her husband of his signature breakfast special!

Sweet Potato Chili (2019) This sweet potato chili is actually a recipe I invented and painted as a party favor one time. It is my family’s go-to meal for cold autumn nights. Packed with tons of veggies and the perfect combinations of spices.

Mimi’s Red Velvet Cake (Commission 2019) I’m absolutely in love with the way the red and turquoise pops in this commission!

Set of four Nana’s Recipes (Commission 2020) These four were painted as a commissioned set. Click the image for the full post and in-progress shots!

Recipe Illustrations

Your cherished family recipe brought to life!
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Lovely 5×7″ illustrations on white. Both places are filled with memories. My client’s Nana’s house as well as the Chi Omega house from Vanderbilt University.

The illustration of this sweet yellow house required a few adjustments to restore it to its former glory. With a solid reference photo and the right notes, it was smooth sailing; adding in the right flowers and removing a few other features.

Getting the colors and windows right for Chi Omega was especially fun! Using multiple reference photos I adjusted the season to ensure both trees and flowers were in full bloom.

Custom Illustrations

Home, Scene & Auto
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Both of these illustrations are 5×7″ and utilize my Illustration on White style. Illustrations at this size can fit directly into a 5×7″ frame or you can mat them for a more dramatic presentation style and frame them at 8×10″.

Illustration on White, 5×7″
Paper: Arches cold-press watercolor paper
Paint: Winsor & Newton Professional

The one that started it all! My first venture into the world of illustrating recipes.

The beginning was quite practical. I rarely relate to recipes in list + steps format. To me, it’s a sequence of connected actions and I appreciate seeing it all laid out visually.

So I took our family’s most prized cookie recipe (at least in my opinion) and doodled it out so I could follow it better. And since I’m me…I doodled it rather precisely and used watercolor!

The rest is history. :) I was proud of the final result and made prints for my aunts and cousins as Christmas gifts and they were well received!

Now I just can’t stop making family recipes into little infographic works of art! It’s one of my most popular Christmas commissions each year.

Recipe Illustrations

Your cherished family recipe brought to life!
Check out the details, including sizes and pricing.

Recipe Illustration 5×7″
Paper: Canson Bristol
Paint: Windsor Newton Professional,