It was so fun to illustrate this beautiful home and it’s gorgeous landscaping!

To start out, I settled on a base color palette to keep the entire piece cohesive. I needed the greens to balance well and had to find the perfect soft yellow for the house.

The hardest color to nail was definitely the shadows on the pale yellow. I finally ended up using a combination of Naples Yellow with some Indigo and Davy’s Grey (Winsor & Newton Professional).

This home illustration is an exception to my typical “Home Illustration” pricing tiers as it’s shown at a two-point perspective instead of straight-on with a one-point perspective.

Definitely possible, but much more time-consuming and that does impact the price. The final result was quite dramatically striking!

The final piece came together so well. Here it is without ink above!

And finally, with the last touches. Ink added to the house and major landscaping features.

This custom watercolor and ink illustration was a thoughtful Christmas gift from a wife to her husband. He has made quite a few improvements to the house and the landscaping since they moved in and she wanted to celebrate the home they’ve made together.

Custom Illustrations

Home, Scene & Auto
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Full-background Illustration 8×10″ *two-point perspective*
Paper: Arches Cold Press
Paint: Winsor & Newton Professional