Cozy kitchen hygge is an aesthetic that perfectly combines old-world cottage crockery with moody vintage nostalgia. I channeled all of the historic kitchen vibes I could when I put this pack together filled with cottage kitchen digital watercolor illustration clip art!

watercolor painted pink pottery teapot held in front of art supplies

I used mineral watercolors for each illustration which gave a beautiful earthy and granular effect to each one. Perfect for the crockery look and hand-glazed pottery aesthetic.

mineral watercolor swatches

I used a combination of granulating mineral watercolors, mixing some with brighter pigments for a more vibrant hue. The effects of certain mineral colors are so stunning, one of my favorites is this mortar and pestle.

Here’s one of the two that I painted! (check out the other one in my graphic pack)

mortar and pestle illustration held up on small paper in front of art supplies

Using airy neutrals I channeled some Magnolia vibes for these antique-white vases and pitchers.

I also created linens and herb botanicals to meld into the theme. My favorite though might be the rough-hewn wooden cutting boards.

I so enjoyed entering into an imaginary old-world cottage kitchen and creating this collection of unique watercolor illustrations. They can be used as clip art, digital scrapbooking embellishments, food-blog web illustrations and so much more! What do you think you would create?

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More than 70 unique, hand-painted watercolor illustrations await your creativity. Get inspired and check out the full pack of cohesive cottage kitchen clip art!