Creating visuals to accompany text is at the heart of illustration. I love when multiple mediums come together to give an impression. When words of a quote are paired with a scene it can create even more resonance and impact.

This project was painted for my best friend, a soon-to-be counselor, for her future office. It was so fun to pick the colors for this piece that not only captured the scene but also fit with her style and office palette.

The granulation in the sky is my favorite. It’s a combination of Vivianite and Azurite, both Poems About You handmade mineral watercolors, with the addition of Maya blue by Ruby Mountain Paint Co.

The finished piece was matted which gives some weight to the white space.

Illustration on White, 5×7″ (paper size left at 8×10″)
White mat add on
Paper: Arches Cold Press
Paint: Winsor & Newton professional, Poems About You mineral, Ruby Mountain Paint Co.