What’s better than houseplants? Houseplants suspended in midair of course! While sitting in a local cafe admiring an impressive plant wall with cascading macrame plant hangers I was struck with the idea for this pack. I snapped some inspiration pictures and got right to work on an illustrated watercolor hanging plant clipart pack!

I wanted to capture the unique personality that comes from combining both the plant itself and the plant hanger. No two are ever exactly alike!

As usual, I painted each watercolor hanging plant super tiny. I just can’t help myself sometimes. I centered my color palette around terracotta since that’s such a classic indoor plant color scheme. It was really fun to branch out and try some fun pot and cord colors though!

Now the thing with hanging plants, they have to hang from something. So the watercolor illustration pack could not just have the plants but also needed some grounding features. I painted some rustic branch hangers, shelves a window and then some leafy vines to round out the botanical aesthetic of this graphic pack!

Sky Garden watercolor illustration pack

What makes this watercolor illustration pack special is how versatile and user-friendly it is. My signature style is watercolor and ink and I’m really happy with how that look turned out!

As a designer myself I aim to provide as many possibilities in each pack as possible so it includes non-ink versions and with-ink versions.

These watercolor illustrations can be used as clip art, digital scrapbooking embellishments, blog web illustrations and so much more! I hope the process and the final product inspire creativity in your designs! And also maybe remind us both to water our plants today!

More than 14 unique, hand-painted watercolor hanging plant illustrations and just as many other embellishments await your creativity. Get inspired and check out the full pack of hanging-plant decor!
Sky Garden watercolor illustration pack