Terms of Use

Artwork Use: All artwork featured on plaidGecko.com is my property. The sale, alteration, distribution, or use of my work without my personal release is prohibited. Please contact me with any inquiries regarding the use of any of my artwork. I am happy and open to working with you to find a fair agreement that puts my existing art to work. (you can find my contact form below in the footer)

Calendar Downloads: Monthly Wallpaper Calendars are free for download for use as a screen background on any electronic device, or used as a personal printed out calendar. If you wish to share them with your friends please send them the link to the wallpaper download page as opposed to directly emailing them the file. Any other uses of the downloaded files are prohibited except with my specific permission. Please contact me with any questions or special requests. (you can find my contact form below in the footer)

Products: All products are sold through Society6, all images of products featured on this site are generated by their website. The artwork featured on each product is mine. If you have any issues with your order, or the product itself, please contact Society6 as I have no part in the manufacturing, shipping, or billing process related to ordering products.

Rachel Litzinger | plaidGecko