Vintage Hot-Air Balloons

There is something so whimsical about vintage hot-air balloons! Imagining back to that era, there was something magical about air travel, such fantastic new territory was suddenly within reach. I really like the recent trend in vintage travel birthday party and nursery themes and let that inspire these hot air balloon illustrations! I hope you enjoy them!

This free download includes three hot-air balloon graphics as well as a repeatable pattern square. All files are transparent-background .png with clean, crisp edges and can be used on light or dark backgrounds. Graphics are free for personal and commercial use. A link-back or shoutout to my website or @plaidgecko is appreciated but not required. Thanks!

included free hot air balloon graphics and pattern


Free Download


Need more vintage travel? Look no further – I have a few packs for sale just for you! You can check out my original Vintage Travel Pack, it’s sequel Vintage Travel Pack 2 or get the whole kit-and-caboodle in my Vintage Travel Bundle. The bundle includes 24 unique, hand-painted watercolor illustrations (including these hot-air balloons at double resolution!) as well as fun bonus patterns and borders. Use it to add artistic flare to your vacation scrapbook, create beautiful party invitations or any other vintage travel theme design project you might have!



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