Starfish Seashore Graphics

Starfish graphic and pattern freebie

Before I introduce the free graphics I have for you, I must share a funny story about starfish…

Back in the day, my friend and I were exploring tide pools at the ocean and we found – treasure of all treasures – a starfish! We put it in our bucket of sea water and started our trek back to our towels to show our new pet to our mothers. As we scrambled from the rocky jetty towards the beach, she fell off a rock into the (knee-deep) ocean water. I heard the splash and turned around and worriedly shouted, “The starfish! The starfish!” as I saw the bucket floating away. A nice dad-like-fellow on the rocks kindly inquired if my friend was alright…and then I realized that my friend had fallen into the ocean…whoops. So that’s what I always think of whenever I think of starfish and my poor friend probably has traumatic flashbacks. Rest assured, no one fell into the ocean in the making of this starfish graphic pack.


I have five, free watercolor graphics for you…and a repeatable pattern! Each graphic is a 1000 px resolution .png file.  All files are transparent .pngs with clean edges – looking great on any background, light or dark. Graphics are free for personal and commercial use. A link back or shoutout to my website or @plaidgecko is appreciated but not required. Thanks!

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If you like what you see and need a variety of watercolor seashell illustrations, check out my Seashore Treasures illustration graphic pack on Creative Market! It contains 14 unique shell illustrations, four 5×7″ borders and three repeatable patterns! Whether you’re working on invitations for a beach wedding or sprucing up your summer scrapbook pages – these graphics will add a terrific touch to your project.

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